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    My Dell desktop PC has been running Windows 10 since last Fall. About two weeks ago it began to have difficulty waking from sleep. Pressing the power button or a key on the keyboard causes the fan to come on and the hard drive to spin up, but the screen remains dark and in low-power mode. When I press a key the Caps Lock indicator lights up briefly.

    I have to shut the PC down by a long press on the power button. When I reboot it, it starts up OK and in fact the previous set of running programs is reopened. I think this might be due to hybrid sleep: when I force a restart Windows reloads state from the hibernation file.

    I've tried a couple of suggestions I found online, such as using System Restore to roll back. No improvement. Others have suggested changing the version of a device driver, such as the graphics driver, but my graphics driver is the same version it has been since installing W10.

    Has anyone else noticed a change in the behaviour of sleep in the last couple of weeks? I'm wondering if this is due to some update pushed by Windows Update.

    TIA for any advice.

    - richard
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    03-19-2016 12:43 PM
  2. ITSystemEngineer's Avatar
    Hi Richard,

    Are you using Windows 10 1511 version ? If yes, Please try to install the latest windows update KB3140768 which brings your windows version into Windows 10 build 10586.164. So far it is fixing my issue with "sleep issue" on Microsoft Surface hardware.

    No problem so far that I can see.

    Hope this helps.
    03-21-2016 08:35 PM
  3. rbcameron's Avatar
    Hi, John

    That update was just installed on Friday. I'll test whether it has resolved my problem waking from sleep and let you know.


    - richard
    03-21-2016 08:40 PM
  4. rbcameron's Avatar
    I have tested it again and it did not work. The computer will not wake fully from sleep. I do have version 1511, build 10586.164.

    I guess my PC will be hibernating rather than sleeping from now on.


    - richard
    03-23-2016 12:49 AM
  5. Hamidr3za's Avatar
    I have the same problem on my surface pro 4.

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    03-26-2016 05:43 PM
  6. rbcameron's Avatar
    It looks like sleep is working again on my PC. Since I first noticed the problem cumulative updates KB3147458 and KB3157621 have been installed. Perhaps one of them included the fix.
    05-01-2016 12:10 PM
  7. EspHack's Avatar
    its been like this since build 10240 for me, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, its like a 70-80% chance of success, hibernation works 100% though so that's what my pc does as default now, also a desk pc, my amd laptop never had any sleep problems with any w10 build to date so I'm just gonna throw this at the "another bug" trash can

    btw a bad psu can cause this too, but since its a dell I don't think you can fix that :P
    05-02-2016 09:45 PM
  8. rbcameron's Avatar
    @EspHack: Interesting you should mention the PSU. In fact, the PSU on the Dell desktop recently failed, and I managed to find a replacement. It's only since I installed the new PSU that I tried sleep again. So perhaps it was the hardware change, rather than a software change, that fixed the problem!
    05-02-2016 10:45 PM

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