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    I've patiently waited for the official release of windows 10 mobile since it was first announced and have been a part of the insider program using my Lumia 1520. Once, Microsoft released it I foolishly dialed my 1520 back to 8.1 thinking it would be a short matter of time. I've used the upgrade adviser and like many, got the frustrating message informing me about awaiting carrier(AT&T US) approval. I have tried messaging, tweeting, and contacting AT&T however I can, but they seem to blatantly ignore or avoid any questions regarding it by never even bothering to respond. So, I'm here hoping that someone knows something I don't. Anyone?

    Also, I've read that Microsoft was implementing a method of bypassing carriers to get updates to users directly. What's up with that? Or is that literally what the insider program is meant to do? I was under the impression that it would be a method to receive official updates without carriers, not beta software.
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    03-26-2016 04:50 AM
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    is that literally what the insider program is meant to do?
    yes that's right, as of now you can bypass at&t restriction by using insiders and updating to latest build .164 and then joining the production build which will be independent of any carrier approval in future updates :)
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    03-26-2016 04:57 AM
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    Under 8.1, the radio stack is in the same image as the rest of the firmware and OS. The radio stack testing is the carrier's main concern.

    Under W10M, the radio is segregated from the OS. Once you get to W10M, then Microsoft can push OS updates OTA without carrier delays as it does not touch the radio. Firmware updates that may affect radio will still go through the carrier testing cycle.

    Insider now has several rings rather than just Fast and Slow.

    Most experimental
    Most Stable

    Right now, things are in flux. 10586.164 is the last Threshold build. So it is on Production for some phones (any making the cut from legacy devices and any dedicated 10 hardware not on Insider). 10586.164 is also on Release and Slow. This is the exact build you are waiting on. If you used WDRT to go back to 8.1, you should have the most up to date Firmware. Only Fast is getting Redstone builds right now.

    I'd get back on Insider, upgrade to Release, then go to Production which effectively un-enrolls you from Insider. Do a reset to help the build "settle in." Now you are off Insider and where you would be when the OTA eventually hits AT&T 1520.

    If you want, you could stay on Release... It is just a way to get any RTM that goes to testing w/ OEMs and Carriers before the Production push. Little to no risk on the Release ring.
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    03-26-2016 01:32 PM

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