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    I was Tired of waiting for AT&T to roll out Win 10 Mobile for my Wife's 640XL.
    So we took Drastic measures "NO MORE WAITING"
    So off to the our Fav AT&T store in Plymouth Ma, yes where the pilgrims landed in 1620 on Plymouth Rock that Plymouth HaHaHaHa oh sorry.
    We went and paid $150. to have them take her 640XL and got her a brand new 950, YA now she's happy she's got the one thing she was missing and very mad about, like everyone else, it was the Dedicated Camera Button, Now I made her day she's happy.

    So that's how we solved the AT&T rollout Problem.
    we were patiently waiting for AT&T to roll it out, but Instead we brought our self to Win 10, "PROBLEM SOLVED" .
    But I hope they release it soon for everyone that's waiting.
    tell me if you have a similar story or if your still waiting.wp_20160329_22_41_40_pro_li_edited.jpg
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