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    10 days ago I bought a lumia 640 which was running windows 8.1 out the box. Yesterday I upgraded to windows mobile 10. Since then I'm unable to access the messaging app, so therefore cannot send or receive text messages.

    When I go to access the messaging app it states "can't open Messaging. Before we can open The messaging app, you'll need to got to settings > privacy > contacts and turn on Messaging"

    But when you go to the contacts setting page it won't let you change/turn on any of the settings to let apps access contacts. They are all turned to off. Also the main on/off selection at the top off the page like in other settings isn't there. No way to turn all the setting on/off while in contacts.

    Am I going to need to try resetting the phone?

    Any help appreciated.
    04-04-2016 11:23 AM
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    I would check you have the latest Windows 10 in case the issue has already been fixed. That might prevent a reset. But if you cannot toggle contacts on after say a reboot or upgrade, then yes, a reset sounds the only way. Make sure all upgrades are installed though from the Store too - it can take a while to get the latest of every app after the OS upgrade.
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    04-04-2016 12:13 PM

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