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    My phone is a Nokia Luma 930 which was on Win OS 8.1 until I updated it to the latest Win 10 update. THIS COMPLETELY MESSED MY PHONE UP.

    After the update was installed all looked OK to start with until I found it had deleted all of my phone numbers and all the info attached to them. I could not download my backup or save a number to my phone. My phone could only be used to receive a call or enter a number to make a call.

    I had to make an appointment with O2 to see what could be down with my phone. The O2 guru spent some time looking at my phone and said he would have to do a reset on my phone and then reinstall Win 10.

    After win 10 had been reinstalled on my phone and he then reinstalled a backup he had made and downloaded my contacts back on my phone and this seemed to have sorted my phone out and all now looked OK.

    After a day or so my phone now started to freeze at different times and on one occasion it lasted for over 15 minutes. I also noticed my phone was now getting very hot at different times when using the phone. This was now causing me lots of problems not knowing when my phone was going to freeze or if the overheating was going to cause more problems and maybe kill my phone completely.

    I sent a 2.75 page email to O2 and explained all my problems to them and the next day a had a phone call from O2 and I was told because of these problems and others I had after I changed my phone from a 820 to the 930 phone that O2 would send me a new 930 replacement phone that had Win 8.1.

    Once I received my new 930 phone I set it up and now it is all working fine as it was before. I can only thank O2 for the very quick response to my email to them and for sending my replacement phone so quick.

    All the problems that I had when I upgraded from a 820 to the 930 and then Win 10 are all down to Microsoft problems who know other people are having the same problems and lots more but what is Microsoft doing in solving all of these problems?
    04-06-2016 07:13 AM

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