1. FryderykChopin's Avatar

    I'm kind of thinking about buying 950 because of the continuum. Since I use PC mostly for web browsing, I thought it would be a nice alternative. However, I have several question about it anyway:

    1) Does it become a 'full' browser, or is it really just web browser on large screen?
    2) How is it with functionality? I'm curious about e.g.
    a) can you open several tabs from last session?
    b) Can you install Adblock and other addons?
    c) Does Unity webplayer work on it?
    3) Are there any alternatives to default W10 internet browser that works with Continuum?
    4) Being as honest as you can, how does the web browsing on continuum feels like compared to the one on normal PC? Is there something you just lack? Especially compared to Google Chrome?

    Thanks in advance for answer and have a great weekend!
    04-09-2016 03:04 PM
  2. amcluesent's Avatar
    Edge in Continuum seems pretty much identical to Edge in Windows 10
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    04-09-2016 03:28 PM
  3. FryderykChopin's Avatar
    Edge in Continuum seems pretty much identical to Edge in Windows 10
    I'm on Windows 7 right now so I can't check the Edge right now... So how about those features mentioned above? Opening mutliple tabs from last session, Unity webplayer, Ad block etc.?
    04-10-2016 07:18 AM
  4. vader42's Avatar
    I've ditched my laptop and pretty much just use continuum at home. The browser feels very much like the standard desktop one. They both suffer from slow(ish) loads when lots of adds are on a page, but I seem to remember reading that a built-in add blocker is being looked at.

    As far as your questions go:

    1) Pretty much a full web browser. No flash, extensions (the latest insider desktop edge has extensions now)

    2a) I'm pretty sure if you quit with tabs open, they remain when you restart edge. Definately the last page works like this.

    2b) No extensions yet

    2c) I don't know expressly if Unity works, but I've played WebGL games, javascript emulators, web video (youtube etc) fine.

    3) Haven't needed to try yet, but you can switch between continuum and mirrored screen so you can run any browser on the big display. Obviously it is just a bigger version of what is on the phone screen, but at least it works.

    4) Edge on continuum feels pretty much like edge on a PC. The main problem is that adds need to load before the page is fully responsive. This is normally no problem, but some sites have lots of adds which can be annoying. The lack of plugins means some sites can't be viewed (eg. flash, silverlight etc). This is also a problem on the desktop edge, so no biggy. Compared against other phones, continuum edge has the most PC like feel of any phone I have used. There are other browsers which have more features (flash etc), but I don't really miss them. WebGL performance is great, as is javascript. I haven't had any problems running most of the sites I play around on. Normally if there is an issue, the desktop edge has the same issue.

    I you can afford it, I would suggest the 950XL as it has a faster processor, and your continuum experience will be better. You don't have to worry about battery, as power is supplied by the dock. I rest my phone on a metal defrosting plate (read big heatsink) so overheating isn't an issue either - let the processor do its thing. As well as the browser, office works well. I have several continuum compatible games (mainly emulators like n64 and atari), and switch to mirroring for the rest. I'd be happy to give you more info, or specifics if you want - you just have to wait till I am home :)
    04-11-2016 10:41 PM

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