1. Mortenvs's Avatar
    My WDTV Live box wont connect with any of my Win10 products via Miracast anymore. The problem started after my stuff got upgraded from W8.1 to W10.
    Can anyone recommend a decent Miracast dongle that works with W10? The MS display adapter is just to expensive...
    04-13-2016 01:05 PM
  2. orlbuckeye's Avatar
    Well I got the MS display adapter for 29 but it will only work with my Surface Book. My Alienware 18 and Acer As 8950G don't even see the adapter.
    04-14-2016 01:30 PM
  3. Mortenvs's Avatar
    Damn. I would have thought that the MS adapter would surely work with all Win10 devices...
    05-03-2016 01:39 AM

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