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    My many, many issues with MMS in Windows 10 Mobile aside, I usually don't have problems with SMS. However, in the first floor of my home I do not have super-consistent reception (thanks T-Mobile). Sending or receiving SMS there is a totally inconsistent experience. Sometimes messages will send. Sometimes they won't. Sometimes my contacts will receive 5 copies of my message. Sometimes I'll receive several copies of theirs.

    If I go upstairs, everything's fine. I think there must be something very wrong with the process that decides what to do if a send/receive is interrupted.

    I wish Wi-Fi calling could help with this (as it's supposed to!) but Wi-Fi calling hasn't worked on my L640 since I upgraded to W10M. In fact, having Wi-Fi on at all (even with Wi-Fi calling off) dooms MMS.

    Any ideas? I've posted this as feedback to MS as well.
    04-16-2016 11:34 AM

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