1. NathanSchmitz's Avatar
    This should indeed work, I have not tested it that much, but I don't see why it shouldn't work! This is for all those people who "disabled" Cornata (Siri's evil cousin) and still saw that, in task manager, that Cortana was still sending data. It is extremely easy! Heres how! Search for "Windows Fire Wall with Advanced Security" Right click on it and run as Administrator. Click on "Inbound Rules" Find Cortana, should be something like Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_1.3.8... Ext. Right click on it, then hit properties, go to general, and down at the bottom under "Action" hit "Block the connection" Hit apply hit okay and then do the same with "Outbound Rules" :D that stopped Cortana from sneakily using data while it was "Disabled" and you keep your search bar too so yay! Hope this works for you! Like I said i didn't test it that much.
    04-20-2016 02:04 PM
  2. Krystianpants's Avatar
    There's more than one setting in cortana. Disabling the assistant doesn't mean you don't disable the process from searching web history and other things. This has separate settings.
    04-20-2016 03:09 PM

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