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    Build 14316

    So I came home after a long day to find that my laptop was registering my left clicks as right clicks for some reason.

    In case you're wondering; nope I did not install anything recently unless you count a security update pushed by MS, but I doubt that's what caused this, because I installed that yesterday and the laptop was working fine until 30 minutes ago.


    Keep in mind that since your mouse/touchpad isn't working properly, you'll be working with the arrow + "enter" keys to do all of this.

    Head into settings (win + i key combo) > Devices > Mouse & touchpad

    This will open the Mouse options window, but to get to the options you need to scroll down to the last option on the left side of the window ( using the arrow keys obviously) which is "USB" then hit the "tab" key and you should jump to the actual Mouse options.

    If done correctly the box under "select your primary button" should be highlighted. So now all you have to do is hit enter and select "left"

    Bit of a crude explanation. Hope you can follow it, but if you have any questions go ahead and ask.

    Just thought I should post this in case anyone else runs into this
    04-20-2016 09:36 PM

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