1. DeepakG9949's Avatar
    Seriously i want to know what is the difference between the TH2 and RS.
    Are they two different parts of Windows 10 mobile ?
    Well Im using L930 and having latest factory TH2 update, will i able to get the RS as a new update.
    Or these RS is specific for L950, L950XL and new Microsoft phones with W10M.

    Please clarify my doubt in detail.
    04-28-2016 06:21 AM
  2. kaktus1389's Avatar
    Redstones 1 and 2 are still in development, you can check out the Redstone 1 at insider fast ring at the moment.

    I think that if you have officially updated your phone to Windows 10, then you should be able to receive Redstone 1 and 2 updates without any issues, but I am not 100% sure.
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    04-28-2016 06:52 AM
  3. charlatan1978's Avatar
    Hi, your L930 can get the latest Redstone build on the fast ring.
    I did try the last Redstone build on my 930, but found it too buggy for daily use.
    So I have gone back to TH .218, which runs great.

    Redstone builds are still in development as the poster above mentioned. They also get more features but are generally more buggy than TH builds.
    TH builds are pretty stable now, just getting updates for stability and improvements, but not so much new features.
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    04-28-2016 06:59 AM
  4. coolj40041's Avatar
    Redstone is still in an early development stage and is less stable than Threshold, which is what is currently used officially right now. Redstone has new features but more bugs. You can use it if you see it available, but it will have more bugs/frustration with it. The purpose of this is so you can report back to Microsoft on all the bugs you find. If you are using Threshold from the Insiders Preview, there may still be bugs with it, but it should be more stable.
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    04-28-2016 07:01 AM
  5. coolj40041's Avatar
    Deepak. You are smart to ask first. Many posters here install Redstone (because the version number is higher starting at 14xxx, Threshold version is in the 10xxx range) and then post hissy fits and blame MS for their device crashing all the time, when that is exactly the point!! I don't even bother with the Insider Preview and just stick to the official version. Although if my AT&T 640 doesn't get updated by the end of next week, I'll probably get the Release Preview version since that Is being reported as very stable.
    04-28-2016 07:06 AM

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