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    Hello, in April of last year I was a part of the fast ring for the Windows Insider Program and I downloaded Windows 10 on my Lumia 928. I soon found out that after I installed it that I couldn't text or make calls. I was very off put by this and decided that the Insider Program isn't for me and rolled back, but after more than a year of waiting I'm restless to finally get Windows 10 on my phone. I now currently have a Lumia 730 and am on Verizon. Is it possible to join the Slow Ring of the Insider Program to get Windows 10 on my phone, but still be able to make calls and send texts through Verizon? I'm looking for someone who has done this and can confirm or deny. Also, on an unrelated note I recently signed myself up for the Slow Ring on my PC but I haven't gotten the Redstone build yet. Do I have to wait for the next build to come out or will I be able to download the current one in a some time? Thanks, Jake
    05-10-2016 06:01 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    I feel the issues you faced may have been a fluke since I know people on the Icon are enjoying 10.

    Even then, I would get on the Release Preview ring, NOT slow or fast for the time being.
    05-10-2016 06:47 PM

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