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    Hi frnds,
    I recently pulled out windows 10 new update from Microsoft update adviser application on my Lumia 830 device.
    Since then I have been checking many new features has shown up in my Lumia 830 device.
    Now the small issue which I had encountered while using Windows 10 OS

    1) When I try to select ringtone's from list, the OS stops there for few seconds and drops me back to my home-screen and its been frequent.( Has anyone experienced the same ?)

    2)When I try to change the music from Groove Music App, the home-screen blinks every-time i try to change the song.(has anyone encountered this ? Same goes while watching videos on Moli Player app.)

    Version : 1511
    OS build : 10.0.10586.318

    Karan Mistry
    05-11-2016 11:07 PM

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