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    Last week I was sitting at my desk area with my PC, Surface Pro 3, HP Stream 7 and 1520, I noticed that for example my "Setting" tile was in different place on each device, this annoyed me, so I decided that I would base the PC's/Tablets desktops on the phone.

    I unpinned every tile off of the phones Start screen and started again, laying out my tiles on a one wide and one regular and built like a brick wall so staggered, I chose the calendar as the starting app.

    Because my PC has 4 blocks, my SP3 3 blocks and my Stream 2 (Phone obviously only 1) it took some time to work out a pattern so what I used most was easily accessible and for example all the Office tiles are grouped the same with entertainment etc.

    I HAVE TO ADMIT, there is a space on my SP3 and HP Stream for the new and awaited universal Skype app, I refuse to use the desktop program on them as it is crap on a tablet.

    I also ended up with a group that is device specific so my banking app is on the phone but not on others, Plumbago and Fresh Paint on the Surface but not on the others

    I have ended up with something that makes sense rather than random mess across devices, add in the fact that most of what I use are universal apps, and I now have a warm fuzzy glow ;-)

    I just hope the interface of the Xbox One gets a makeover to look more like the rest of the family

    PS I showed this to my wife (Not technical) and instead of the normal sigh, even she agreed it made sense so we did here Surface Pro and 830


    PPS, With the new OneDrive app, OneNote, 476 albums on Groove (All across devices) I am close to happy, so once Skype, the ability to turn off the live People app tile on the phone, and not have to use the Store to update app on the phone, contentment here I come
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    post a MS family pic ;)
    05-27-2016 05:31 AM
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    Will sort one at the weekend.
    05-27-2016 05:38 AM

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