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    just another example of the typical bull**** doled out to us - we the consumer with little voice - just put it in the box and get the money - let them ***** later..
    windows 10 - loaded without my authorization, wasted hours waiting, a whole new configuration, hours to reset some semblance of normalcy, and issue after issue of **** that doesn't work.. lame offers of resolutions, patches, and 'it should work now' by shady-tree IT wanna-be's.. who should of kept their mcdonald's jobs as it fit their competency levels..
    maybe when trump becomes president some of this **** they pass off for product will actually get better.. if not, then they should head to mexico, after all, half of their 'technicians' don't speak 'good enough English'..
    if your with me - tell them they can now help pay for the wall...
    05-30-2016 12:02 AM

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