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  1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    P55-A5200 Toshiba Laptop
    Windows 10

    After a power failure due to a house exploding 2 streets away my laptop went to battery power. I left to find out what had exploded and then returned to my battery about half power. Since the power was still off I shut down the laptop as usual with the power button. When the power returned I booted up and everything seemed ok except I had no icons on my desktop.

    The text box is there with the names of the apps and they are clickable. If I right click and then click PROPERTIES nothing happens. Above the text box where the icon should be, there is nothing clickable. Only background.

    Before coming here I've tried several of the FIX's that Google search presented without any solution. None of the fixes seem to address the problem I have.

    In addition, the icons in FILE EXPLORER are missing as are the icons in the taskbar with the exception of the calculator.

    I do have icons in the taskbar on the NOTIFICATION side and within the menu for the HIDDEN ICONS.

    When I open FILE EXPLORER and go to my photos, no icons or thumbnails there either. Just the names of the files which are clickable. If I right click the placeholder or name of the file to check the PROPERTIES nothing happens.

    I have a screen shot but don't know how to post it here.

    Any new ideas other than checking the usual suspects? All of my settings are correctly set to show icons.

    I tried to rebuild the cache, make registry changes and few other things I can't remember. No Luck.

    Any other information you need just ask. Not sure what else to add.

    Thanks for any effort!

    06-05-2016 03:34 AM
  2. Rizzo131's Avatar
    I would try a reset as a last resort if I can. Thanks for the response. Here's my desktop and my photo folder with FILE EXPLORER.


  3. Giddora's Avatar
    Have you tried doing a Recovery on your computer through Update & Recovery - Recovery - Reset?
    06-05-2016 10:37 AM
  4. Rizzo131's Avatar
    I would try a reset as a last resort if I can. Thanks for the response. Here's my desktop and my photo folder with FILE EXPLORER.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	missing icons.jpg 
Views:	1 
Size:	131.0 KB 
ID:	127204

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	missing iconsexplorer.jpg 
Views:	1 
Size:	214.9 KB 
ID:	127205
    Last edited by Rizzo131; 06-05-2016 at 11:50 AM. Reason: added extra photo
    06-05-2016 11:30 AM
  5. Ray Adams's Avatar
    Try this.

    Run CMD with administrative rights
    Then execute these commands:

    ie4uinit.exe -ClearIconCache
    taskkill /IM explorer.exe /F
    DEL /A /Q "%localappdata%\IconCache.db"
    DEL /A /F /Q "%localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer\iconcache*"
    shutdown /r /f /t 00

    the last command will restart your computer.
    Rizzo131 likes this.
    06-06-2016 05:04 PM
  6. Rizzo131's Avatar
    Thank You RAY!

    Followed your instructions and ran all the commands. All but the 3rd one was successful which gave the message: COULD NOT FIND ICONCACHE.DB

    With that info I found the file on my backup drive and dropped it in the correct folder and BAM!
    There they were, all looking back at me and smiling like they just got back from summer camp!

    Can't thank you enough and I'm impressed you nailed it on the first shot!
    I'll be happy to send props your way.

    06-07-2016 02:59 AM
  7. Ray Adams's Avatar
    You are welcome :)
    06-07-2016 03:19 AM
  8. Rizzo131's Avatar
    BTW, this is the house that blew up.

    06-07-2016 03:40 AM

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