1. Marconis4's Avatar
    I cannot receive proper group messages if all folks are using an iPhone, and whether or not I started it. If the thread starter for the group message has an iPhone and texts me often, I can only see their messages and nobody else's. If I start the thread, 9 times out of 10 I'll get responses from everyone. It's extremely irritating, despite texting some of the people in the group occassionally so I do know that their phones are set to "send as text message" (I used to have iMessage).

    One big issue is that my parents, sister and brother (all iPhones) do group messaging quite often and I only find out 10 hours later that I missed out on the conversation.

    Any fixes????
    06-14-2016 09:24 PM
  2. M4cc45's Avatar
    The only thing I can think off is that it's trying to send you an iMessage and eventually times out. It then resends it as a text message. Do you notice your messages look out of order?
    06-15-2016 04:40 AM
  3. BikeMrown's Avatar
    So I'm not getting several txt messages sent to me. Most seem to be ones that are multi message tweets (over traditional sms limit). Also some that I send are never arriving. If I log into AT&T it says that the respective parties sent and received the messages(not a failed send from the network perspective)
    07-01-2016 10:20 AM

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