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    I have some weird problem with the MS account of my girlfriend. It seems that her favorite places for home and work address are broken and we have no possibility to change them.

    Cortana is displaying weird long traffic advises because the home address seems to be a wrong place. If we click "change favorites" in the cortana notebook its crashing immediately on both phone and desktop. Also on both phone and desktop if we open the maps app and go to favorites there are no addresses for home and work. Another weird thing is that the button for saving your cars position is blinking like crazy on both phone and desktop. I also tried to change the favorite places in bing maps online but that also doesn't work. There it displays the places correctly also with the correct address but i cannot change them. All stops if I disable cortana on the device. Then I see the favorites correctly in the maps app and the button stops blinking. The problem is if a enable cortana again the described issues start again. It seems that cortana has another set of favorite places and there are some conflicting error.

    Any advise how I could resolve this issue?
    06-20-2016 09:11 AM

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