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    Not sure if there's a list or anything like that out here but I figure with everyone's experience here we can kind of gather a list of apps that are known to have high background usage so people (especially new users) can pinpoint alot of their battery drain issues

    I try to disable background usage most apps that are 15% background use or higher in battery saver.

    Few apps I've noticed

    Xbox - with background on I've had it as high as 85% background usage

    Glyde - have seen it as high as 90% if u turn it off tho I think it stops notifications (someone correct me if I'm wrong

    MSPoweruser - I have seen it as high as 85-95%

    Windows Central - I've seen this in the 90% range before BUT I believe the latest update has fixed these issues I just checked it now and it's 0.4%. Turning off forum notifications can help keep it down as well

    Using Bing for the lock screen wallpaper seems to have high background usage as well.
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    06-26-2016 02:03 AM
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    Microsoft Healt - burn a battery in 2 hrs
    06-26-2016 02:44 AM

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