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    Hello poeple of windows communete

    I am a hard supporter of windows phones the last 3-4 years from my lumia 520 to my 930 at the moment.One thing i have noticed the last months regarding the process apps on the store and the choises we have is theat a lot the apps mainly are not updated often or simple the developer ports them from a already popular os (like IOS) to windows and its done.I want to stand mainly on the last part the porting of apps which at first i liked it because i got futures on popular apps like Instagram that i didnt have previus.From the other side taking chanse from the messenger update today i have noticed that more and more developers port exactly there apps are they work and LOOK on other os to windows phones which at the moment i start to dont like it as i feel that os is losing its character and the perpose i think is not to have an lay out an OS and all the apps from other.What is your opinion on that?
    06-29-2016 09:04 AM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    I have two takes on that:

    1. The OS already lost much of its character when 10 shipped.

    2. Beggars can't be choosers.
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    06-29-2016 09:37 AM
  3. Ma Rio's Avatar
    I kinda agree, we aren't at a point where we can choose. However most of those apps really suck, and should be rated lowest possible on the store, while also sending feedback to the developper.
    It is the worst idea to just rip an old version of an iOS app and compile it to appx and deploy it to the Windows Store. Those apps are missing everything that native Windows apps offer. And I really doubt it is that hard to develop an app. Come on, it's 2016, you can make a UWP app without even knowing to code (I'm talkin' about that Microsoft App Studio thing), and yet they still can't hire one guy to do it (it's not like you need a whole team for building an app). Shame on them is all I can say. But hey, it's all good for me. 95% of apps I use are UWP apps, and the only ones that aren't are from Facebook (Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp). So once that gets resolved, it's all good. For me.
    06-30-2016 08:19 AM
  4. EspHack's Avatar
    I cant disagree with the responses here but I can still choose, i choose to keep my 8.1 messenger app, if my phone becomes an iphone emulator, soon enough all we will have is a list of downsides compared to what would be the real deal(ios) and not much else, at which point the question will be asked: whats the point of this? continuum? to run ios apps in a desktop? pleaaasee..
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    07-01-2016 09:48 PM

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