1. inboxx's Avatar
    dear guys..,

    i feel

    whenever i charge lumia 535 with some other charger it takes more time to charge....and discharge quickly as well

    whats the use ??

    whether i need to carry original charger wherever i go...

    need ur comments
    07-03-2016 04:43 AM
  2. ananve's Avatar
    I'm guessing it is because of the low power outlet from that charger.

    Would you mind sharing what kind of charger you used, and what is the power outlet (Amp) it provides.

    Posted from my Surface 3 running W10
    07-03-2016 07:31 AM
  3. inboxx's Avatar
    its common charger used in all phones

    Power Output 5V = 1000mA = 1A
    07-03-2016 08:13 AM
  4. ananve's Avatar
    Interesting. I think it's down to your charger don't work like it says on the tin. I used to borrow standard micro USB charger from my colleague one day and my phone says the charge happened slowly and it didn't gain any post after half an hour. I concluded that my phone didn't like that charger.

    That might be what's happening to you.
    RumoredNow likes this.
    07-03-2016 10:06 AM

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