07-20-2016 03:52 AM
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  1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    I tried to upgrade my phone to win 10 but i cant because i just cant download insider or any apps like that .
    07-17-2016 12:46 AM
  2. ahmedamash's Avatar
    Only solution

    Hard reset
  3. thron's Avatar
    You can't, or don't want to?

    If you don't want to, that's the only way to get Windows 10 on the 640 right now, unless you wait for your provider to send the update over the air.
    07-17-2016 12:54 AM
  4. Matus Knotek's Avatar
    No i can't because whenever i want to download any app helping me do so i am just not able to.
    07-17-2016 12:58 AM
  5. thron's Avatar
    Did you sign in to or create a Microsoft account for your phone?
    If not, you won't be able to download ANY app from the store. You have to be logged in to get an app.

    If you don't want to use an existing account, create a new one and use it specifically for your phone.
    07-17-2016 01:05 AM
  6. Matus Knotek's Avatar
    I have account and I can downlowad other apps like games or anything but when i try to download windows insider i get an error message
    07-17-2016 01:10 AM
  7. thron's Avatar
    What is the error message?
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    07-17-2016 01:15 AM
  8. Matus Knotek's Avatar
    And when i try to download it from PC this appears - "this app is not available for your device"
    07-17-2016 01:16 AM
  9. Matus Knotek's Avatar
    The error message is - there is a problem completing your request
    07-17-2016 01:18 AM
  10. thron's Avatar
    How weird!

    Is your phone region set to outside the US?
    If so, try changing it to the US, restart the phone and then try to download again.

    I've never had that happen with the Insider app, but I've seen it with apps restricted to other countries; by changing my phone location I can see apps restricted to the country I set it to.
    07-17-2016 01:25 AM
  11. Matus Knotek's Avatar
    I set it to USA and tried it but no same problem.
    07-17-2016 01:36 AM
  12. thron's Avatar
    Are you on wifi? If not, connect to the store via wifi or vice-versa and try again.

    If that fails, did you try to reset the phone (hold volume down + power button at the same time -- will reset your phone and you will lose data, so use as a last resort).
    07-17-2016 01:47 AM
  13. Matus Knotek's Avatar
    What data will i lose? because i am on wifi
    07-17-2016 01:50 AM
  14. thron's Avatar
    Fresh OS installation. Anytime you upgrade, always expect data loss.. that way, if something goes wrong you don't launch your phone out the window and you'll be pleasantly surprised if everything goes as planned.

    Here's some more info:
    How to soft- and hard reset your Windows Phone - Microsoft Community

    Try the 'soft' method first (if you haven't already); if that fails, then move onto hard reset. Make sure it's fully charged before you do this, just to eliminate the possibility of other things going wrong.
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    07-17-2016 02:00 AM
  15. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    I tried to upgrade my phone to win 10 but i cant because i just cant download insider or any apps like that .
    No i can't because whenever i want to download any app helping me do so i am just not able to.
    jut to be clear - to get the official windows 10 mobile upgrade, you need to download upgrade advisor app and install it - run it and check with us what happens
    07-17-2016 06:39 AM
  16. Matus Knotek's Avatar
    This is the problem i cannot install advisor because "this app is not available for your device"
    07-19-2016 01:11 AM
  17. thron's Avatar
    Are you sure your phone is a 640, maybe it is a 630?
    If it is a 640 you should not be seeing such a message as the 640 is can upgrade to Windows 10.

    Go to settings -> in the search box, start typing About and you should see the about setting appear beneath the search box. Click it.

    Under Device Information, does it say Microsoft Lumia 640?
    07-19-2016 01:29 AM
  18. Matus Knotek's Avatar
    Model_ Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM
    Software : Windows phone 8.1 Update 2
    07-19-2016 01:47 AM
  19. thron's Avatar
    07-19-2016 01:55 AM
  20. ahmedamash's Avatar
    Only solution

    Hard reset
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    07-19-2016 01:57 AM
  21. Matus Knotek's Avatar
    Yeah this is it advisor
    07-19-2016 01:59 AM
  22. thron's Avatar
    Also, have you run the latest updates for your phone? If you're running an older version of 8.1.xxx it may not let you download the Upgrade Advisor until you complete the prior upgrades.

    Settings > Phone Update > Check for Update > Make sure it says you are up to date. If it doesn't, there's your culprit.
    Get up to date, then try the upgrade advisor app again.
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    07-19-2016 02:01 AM
  23. Matus Knotek's Avatar
    Just searched for updates and nothing
    07-19-2016 02:07 AM
  24. thron's Avatar
    There's something definitely strange going on with your phone.
    Have you tried this, yet? http://forums.windowscentral.com/ask...ml#post3521593
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    07-19-2016 02:12 AM
  25. Matus Knotek's Avatar
    Im going to try last thing which is hard reset...
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    07-19-2016 02:14 AM
  26. thron's Avatar
    Make sure you've saved/backed up anything important.
    Report back and let us know how it goes.

    I've not seen anyone post of similar issues, nor can I find any other reports searching the web. I can't even begin to guess what would be causing this, short of a bug in the store. If that were the cause, you wouldn't be able to download any apps at all.
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    07-19-2016 02:20 AM
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