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    This is intended for users who are currently still on the Threshold builds. The settings menu will be subject to some subtle, and somewhat, useful changes when the Anniversary Update (AKA Redstone 1) hits us on August 2nd 2016.

    So what's different? (Note: sections without changes are not added to this list)

    Settings homepage:

    As you can see in the image, the differences start on the very first page. As soon as you open the settings menu, you'll be presented with a fresh new look. The search bar, which previously resided in the top-right corner, has been moved to a more central position.


    Next difference; WE HAVE ICONS! EVERYWHERE! Any savvy W10 user will know that this is the Systems section (it's written right there, if you don't trust me), but the important change here, apart from new and shiny icons, is the addition of a search bar. Each individual settings page (system/network/accounts etc) have a search bar. This allows you to quickly search for any settings page.

    For example, if you were currently in the System page, but needed to get to Account settings, you can just type that into the search bar, instead of navigating to the homepage and then going back into Account settings


    Added to the Tablet mode settings; the option to hide the taskbar. As you can see in the image, this was not present previously


    "Battery Saver" has been renamed to just "Battery". Previously the option to turn on battery saver, was hidden away under "battery saver settings", but now this option is present, as soon you open the "Battery" page


    For those of us who like to see detailed information, Microsoft added a new option to the "Battery usage" section. It is now possible to filter the usage information into (store) apps or (desktop) programs


    And finally there are two new options added to the Systems settings page: "Projecting to this PC" & "Apps for websites"


    Now lets get to the changes in "Network and Internet":

    Wifi section: Available Wi-Fi networks are no longer directly available within this page. Instead there is a "Show available networks" option, which when clicked, brings up the Wi-Fi jumplist from the taskbar.

    Additionally, "Change Adapter"/"Homegroup"/"Sharing" and "Network Troubleshooter", have been added to this page. Unfortunately, clicking on them will still take you to the corresponding Control Panel windows


    A new option has been added to the "Network and Internet" settings; Mobile Hotspot. If I'm correct, this allows you to create a personal hotspot. This could be handy when hotels only allow one PC to connect via LAN cable (have not tested this)


    Now lets head over to Personalization:

    Extra toggles in Colors section


    And now you can set your access the Taskbar settings from within... settings (there are a few more options if you scroll down, but I couldn't get it all to fit)



    "Your email and accounts" changed to "Your info" and "Email and App accounts". The difference here is that what was previously under one name, has now been split into two distinct sections. Also, Work Access has been renamed to Access Work or School. Under "Sign-in" options, "Windows Hello" has been added, but since my machine doesn't support this feature, there aren't any actual options to toggle on/off



    Two new options under General (last two toggles)


    And, a new section has been added here as well; Notifications. Mine, isn't populated yet...


    And finally, we get to the spot where all the action happens; Update and Security:

    Added the option to set active hours and restart options and you can notice that there's an extra section now, called "Windows Insider Program".


    Under recovery options, "go back to an earlier build" is no longer hidden under the "Reset this PC" option


    These are about all of the changes, I could find. Did you find any? Are you looking forward to "playing" with any of these?
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    Atta boy Ven!
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