1. HoosierDaddy's Avatar
    I have a new W10 tablet with 32GB C: drive. When I attempted to update to the Anniversary release, it downloaded 14GB of stuff into a new folder on C leaving about 8GB free. Then it said it needs a lot more space. But the only provided option to get the space was to clean the drive, which since its new, only reclaimed a few megabytes.

    There must be some way to do this using a USB or SD drive but update doesn't give any option to do that when they are available.

    How do you get past this?
    08-04-2016 06:18 PM
  2. TK2011's Avatar
    I think you probably need to use an external storage with 16GB or so. See my experience here: http://forums.windowscentral.com/win...ml#post3533977
    Yeah, MS should have put a better explanation than that.
    08-04-2016 09:14 PM

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