1. scandiskwindows9x's Avatar
    ]since i have updated to windows 10 mobile version 1511 compilation my e mails have dissapeared from outlook mail, does appear in the hamburger menu no accounts when go to accounts appears nothing and gets closed itself, even my accounts are in the settings accounts , your e mail accounts , even have have done an hard reset and the same has happened , have erased my accounts re added them and same. even my calendar vanished all suddenly. i have an Lumia 950XL.

    i just do not know what to do if go back to the previous version of windows 10 and avoid this update no idea
    the worst is that my work depends from the phone and e mails so had an whole day without e mails so now windows 10 mobile is the most unreliable operative system on phones if i knew before about those problems would got an Android or an Iphone of anyway there too is the microsoft apps

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    08-12-2016 08:36 PM
  2. Jorge2912's Avatar
    also happens me the same, and i sent a tweet to outlook team and yet i have no any reply of technical support . I think the same ,is very unreliable OS for smartphones . i wonder what was the contribution of Insiders?

    I hope release an udpate that solve soon this problem , part of my work is also communicate with cooworkers and clients with my email account and can not wait much time that microsoft outlook team release an update that solve that
    08-12-2016 08:52 PM
  3. Luis Gordillo Morgado's Avatar
    I'm experiencing the same problem as of today! Yesterday everything was ok in my Lumia 950XL. But the issue started yesterday in my Desktop! (W10AU) Now I don't have access to Mail and Calendar in any of my devices!!!

    The people here are reporting the same issue, though there is no solution yet: Calendar and mail not working at all - Microsoft Community
    08-12-2016 09:31 PM
  4. scandiskwindows9x's Avatar
    the most ironic is that wants make an SURFACE PHONE oriented to Business with that slowest respoinse from them i would move to OS-X or even Linux

    i am accountant and had no mail on my devices that works with windows 10 was an whole unproductive day and i guess Microsoft do not care about my loses of money by an day without e mail, my business the e mail is mandatory right now, also i detected that the tuesday patch made problems with the devices that was set up with log by pin instead of password in my tablet with windows 10 had to disable and renable the pin entry system because later of update the system went back to the system of password entry, what i think is "WHERE ARE THE INSIDERS" because they are who the test and later when they approves Microsoft releases,, just both parts are the real responsibles of what is going on on here, just many insiders are there just for be on "fashion" to get something that others will get later and others for get an legal copy of windows but they before had an pirated copy,

    i am very frustrated with this version of windows 10 been so far the most buggier of all the versions with an eternal BETA that instead of improve does childish errors and get more bugs than solutions of an half baked system , would prefered wait more time but get an decent windows like was 8.1 -8.0-7.5-7.8
    08-12-2016 09:41 PM
  5. Luis Gordillo Morgado's Avatar
    Is there anyone from Microsoft on this forum? We really need help with this issue!!!
    08-13-2016 12:07 PM
  6. Maurizio Troso's Avatar
    Is there anyone from Microsoft on this forum? We really need help with this issue!!!
    That's a fan MS forum, it's not MS proprierty. Tweet to Dona Sarkar or Gabe Aul or #WindowsInsider
    08-13-2016 12:12 PM
  7. Luis Gordillo Morgado's Avatar
    BTW, it seems it was an issue related to the summer time change in my country. Mail and Calendar are working correctly now in both dekstop and mobile for me, and others have reported the same. Regards!
    08-15-2016 12:31 AM

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