1. RichHowerton's Avatar
    Are there any other phones beside the 950xl that have the dual sim and a separate micro SD card slot? Some have dual sim, but one of the slots have to be used as either a sim.slot or card slot. Wondering if there is another phone like the xl, with dual sim and micro SD. Doesn't have to be window model either, android would be fine too. Thanks
    08-28-2016 12:17 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    I believe most other dual-SIM Lumia's have that. (The 640 and 640 XL for sure)

    As for Android, I think the combined SIM-or-SD tray method is relatively recent in phones.
    08-28-2016 12:31 PM
  3. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Lumia 650 is definitely 2 SIM + SD slot under the removable back.

    Like you said, all the 3rd party OEMs seem to be using the adaptive tray.
    Maurizio Troso and libra89 like this.
    08-28-2016 01:49 PM

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