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    So I have come across an interesting issue. I am one of those crazy people who type with the Dvorak keymap. Well, it just so happens that I had to enter my WPA key for a wireless access point. It turns out the input box for the key does not recognize my keymap. The input method bar shows "ENG DV" but it still types in QWERTY. I tried switching it to QWERTY and typing, then switched back. Both only types in QWERTY.

    This seems to be happening in the calculator also. The . key is where the e is and all of the symbols are in different places (with the exception of the ones over the number keys, since the number keys don't change unless you are using Programmer's Dvorak), however that was fixable by toggling keymaps.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue?
    09-27-2016 07:59 PM

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