1. Charliefr3sh's Avatar
    Hi WinCentral, I'm using an L1520 with the latest Fast Ring build and the latest Whatsapp Beta build and whatsapp doesn't want to send videos i share from the "Downloads" folder. When i try to share the videos, it shows the "X" on the video and no dots animation, then after a few minutes, it shows the upload arrow and when i touch on it, it gives me an error that says :Media file does not exist". it started on the last Beta build before the latest one (28/09/2016). i installed the regular Whatsapp and the videos upload with no problem.

    P.S I use File Explorer to share the videos as the built in Whatsapp file picker is next to useless
    09-28-2016 06:19 AM
  2. Sanchit Raut's Avatar
    Its a beta testing app...something may improve,something may go wrong...Wait for next update... try reinstall... updates are very fast on whatsapp beta.
    09-28-2016 06:48 AM

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