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    Model HP envy x2 convertible.

    I have it on permanent charge and have also disable the sleep and lock screen when lid is closed. However the screen shows me lock screen even with the "ask for passcode" off. I tried ignoring it for a long time as the pin is only four digits but today it showed me a side which I wasn't prepared for. The usual screen with a grey background this time with the icons of the right hand bottom which showed the wifi was not connected. When I tried the pin or the password it shows system is offline and advises to use the last used password but nothing happens after that.

    I tried to connect to wifi but as soon as I tapped the icon the laptop froze and ended up in a restart.

    Can someone tell me how to get rid of the beautiful photo screen cos it is kinda getting on my nerves ATM?

    The other question is what in the world is the last used password as the last used password doesn't seem to do anything. (Just in case this occurs again)

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