1. instantk's Avatar
    After anniversary update on my lumia 640, background apps wont disable. I tried disabling whatsapp, township and many other apps but they are still able to run in background (as I still receive notifications from them despite disabling).
    I tried disabling these from both battery section (which lists these apps with usage) and background apps section in privacy settings, none works.
    Because of this, my 640 is experiencing heavy battery drain.

    Earlier ,the battery used to last more than a day, but now it lasts only 12-15 hrs. I've decided to keep my phone on battery saver mode for now, but this isn't a permanent solution.

    Please help. Did anyone else experience this? any solution?
    10-01-2016 02:25 AM
  2. gjbcapital's Avatar
    To disable notifications you have to go to phone settings ... Notifications & Actions and turn off the appropriate app. To my knowledge notifications work independently from the background tasks once enabled. About battery draining, I have all of my apps turned on at background tasks (70 - 80 apps all on) and despite that I have zero battery drain. The OS handles that part very well. I suspect there is something wrong with your installation that causes an OS process to constantly try to sync etc. 12-15 hours is not normal no matter how many background tasks are on.
    10-01-2016 02:45 AM
  3. instantk's Avatar
    i know about the notification & actions thing, but I always found disabling background apps effective when it comes to saving battery. Before Anniversary update, when i used to disable whatsapp from background apps section, notifications used to stop. I sense an unnoticed bug by microsoft. Disabling a background app should disable all app activity including notifications, live tile etc. My phone is only an year old and noticing this abnormal battery drain I thought of posting abt the issue here.. Btw, i m resetting my email +accounts section again if it has something to do with battery drain
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    10-01-2016 03:04 AM
  4. rajaiya's Avatar
    exactly, i'm facing same issue. i have raised this MS website, haven't got resolution.
    check this URL:
    01-18-2017 05:43 AM
  5. tsanov's Avatar
    I have the same issue on Lumia 930. When Battery saver is on only Mail and Calendar stop syncing. All other apps like Skype, Facebook, Messenger etc. still working. A cannot understand where is difference between notifications and background tasks. For me if background task is enabled notifications can be received. If there is no enabled background task there is nothing to "listen" for notifications.
    Like other OS and WP 8.1 when battery is less then 20%, battery saver should stop all background tasks and notifications to save the battery power. But actually it just stops synchronizing account information and e-mail is still a part of it. I think that explain why only Mail and Calendar do not sync and shows notifications in battery saver mode. But for me this is not right and battery saver should be like in 8.1
    01-20-2017 04:44 AM

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