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    As per title really.

    I the People app I have my (And now my wife and boy) contacts list to show Outlook, Skype preview and Xbox yet the Xbox contacts don't show up at all in the list and I can't choose any other way to send a message other than Skype preview (Have Skype preview to be my default messaging app).

    I finally got my lad to get up to date fully last week, so got his 930 up to 10 running Anniversary update and then to Insiders Preview release, his games PC up to the same (To use the Skype preview) and got him to actually switch his Xbox One on and get that updated.

    During the process I couldn't help but notice at some time during the setup, he could send my Xbox a message via the people app (Don't know if he still can but he could at one time).

    Anyone got a clue?

    Not urgent, probably will never use the function, just goes against my pedant life style
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