1. AV2RY's Avatar
    How to make W10M close apps when I press back button? I decided to use my 925 w/ 10 today and left my 8.1 home. I noticed that back button doesn't close apps, instead minimizes them, how to make it as 8.1. I had 10 on it for a few months, and 10R for over a month, but today is the first time I'm using it. Thanks
    10-16-2016 03:12 PM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Moved to appropriate area...

    Windows 10 Mobile How-To Guides is for write ups of prepackaged solutions... Not for leading questions on issues not yet resolved.
    10-16-2016 08:54 PM
  3. EspHack's Avatar
    there's no default behavior for this, some apps close and others go back a step or minimize, see there's people complaining skype preview tends to close instead of going a step back when pressing back
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    10-16-2016 09:56 PM
  4. AndyCalling's Avatar
    Of course, W8 apps had the best of both worlds since in all apps I used on that back went back a level until there were no more levels, then it closed. I can only assume there's a bug in some of the new APIs on W10 or in some of the app conversion systems for moving iphone/android stuff to Windows because I don't believe for one minute that a load of devs suddenly decided to go rogue. Good evidence for this is that even some MS apps trigger this bug.
    10-17-2016 05:59 AM
  5. AndyCalling's Avatar
    Suggestion: Before buying an app, ask them if it has this bug. If you get caught out, leave a bad review promising to update it once the app concerned has been fixed. We know many devs can work around this W10 bug but they need to have a reason to do so. Customer feedback is the best tool Devs have so use that review option to give them the info they need to make really good W10 apps.
    10-17-2016 06:04 AM
  6. gbobman's Avatar
    They stated they wanted you to be able to load a commonly used app (one you just accessed) in memory so that it will launch faster when you inevitably go back to it. The apps that currently close are all apps written in the WP8 style.

    That said, I do HATE that presumption. I left the app, close it out please. Now we have a 3 step close to every app; bring up task list -> kill app -> go to another app or Start menu. And that last step really annoys me. Even if Start is the only screen available on the list, you still have to select it.
    10-18-2016 12:25 PM
  7. gomezz's Avatar
    Does not Press and Hold of the Back button bring up a list of recently used apps which you can close by swiping down work in W10?
    10-18-2016 01:31 PM
  8. kaktus1389's Avatar
    I've heard that it's up to developer to adjust the behaviour of the back navigation button for a certain while I was watching a video series about UWP apps development as I am leaning towards learning as much about UWP apps as possible.
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    10-18-2016 02:55 PM
  9. greedo_greedy's Avatar
    This is not a bug, when you press the back button it puts the app in "suspended" mode where it doesn't use any CPU cycles.
    It's best to just leave them there for optimal performance.

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    10-18-2016 06:40 PM
  10. AV2RY's Avatar
    Does not Press and Hold of the Back button bring up a list of recently used apps which you can close by swiping down work in W10?
    That's not what I'm asking about. I don't want press&hold to close apps which I intended to do just by pressing Back.

    Anyway, thanks everyone for your input.

    Also,I found that another VERY use full feature got also removed on 10. Copy-Paste a number to dial pad. Couldn't believe when I found its not there anymore.
    What's up with MS removing features from older version (7-8-10)
    10-19-2016 11:50 PM
  11. AuraTigital's Avatar
    Coming from 8.1, I'm used to them being open when pressing back, and not close them. It seems to give better battery life since I open the app pretty often and it doesn't need to reinitialize the app constantly. The apps in the background doesn't seem to affect my performance at all.
    10-20-2016 12:12 AM

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