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    I tried W10 Mobile on the insider program last year but rolled back on both my phones (930 and 640XL) as it was too rough and unstable.

    I've now put the official release of W10 on my 930 and things look very good. Much tidier. But there is one issue that annoyed me then and annoys me now. If I have an unopened a page in OneNote on my phone it shows a "download from the cloud" icon. I can click and it syncs.

    I want to force the entire notebook to be synced when it is online. This is the behaviour on W8.1. With W10, if I am not in a place where I can get a signal or WiFi, then the page cannot be displayed.

    So how can I force a sync of the whole notebook from OneDrive so the notebook's contents are available when I am in a non-connected place? With, literally, hundreds of page in my notebooks, manually opening every page to sync them is a royal pain in the backside.

    I've looked but cannot see any obvious "force a whole notebook sync" setting.

    11-27-2016 09:56 AM

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