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    When skype introduced the SMS function allowing it to act as the primary SMS app on your phone and even your laptop (connected via hotspot or wifi) I was annoyed and frustrated.
    Before the .448 update, Cortana was in control of the messaging app in terms of sending the SMS to your laptop or desktop. You would receive your text on your phone as normal and then within a fraction of a second you would get the SMS on your laptop too, being able to read it and reply in the pop up box.
    Suddenly this function stopped working and up popped the forum posts with folks wondering what was wrong until we found out from a forum user that MS had in fact disabled the function in favour of SKYPE SMS handling.
    I was extremely sceptical and annoyed at this BUT decided to go ahead and try it out, to my amazement it works really well, and once you get used to the idea the function serves really well indeed.

    Observations I have noticed, once you have selected skype to be the main sms default app it allows you to text (using your phone) to any of your phone book recipients, this comes out of your carriers text allowance and not from skype credit you might have on your skype account.
    A data connection is NOT required, you can have data turned off (as I do) and you still receive your messages from skype and can reply likewise on the phone when you are out and about, However...
    To enable the SMS to pop up on your laptop you must also select Skype as the default SMS app (within skype settings on the laptop), Select sync SMS with your phone, and you must either be connected to the same wifi local network (ie your home network, both phone and laptop connected) or...
    Be using the phone data as a personal hotspot connecting to it via a laptop or desktop (again, same network) and the messages will pop up on both devices.
    Edit>>I must be honest and state I have no clue if the SMS will pop up on the laptop if the phone data is OFF but the Laptop connected to an internet connection? In my scenario I use the phone as the hotspot and the 2 devices are linked via WIFI.
    The SMS will pop up on both devices but if you read and reply on the laptop the text can very often still be sitting on the phone appearing as unread. A little read icon within skype will show you an unread message and also you will still have the notification in the phones action centre.
    That being said brings me onto syncing, syncing is very sporadic at best, sometimes even quitting skype on the laptop and re-loading it brings up different previous conversations but 7 times out of ten (a rough guess) you get everything you expect to see there and you can pick up on conversations where you left off,
    To clarify something>> Skype SMS on the phone works very well indeed, no issues I can report. but Skype on the laptop for sms can be awkward at times with this syncing problem, also, once or twice again on the laptop side I have NOT been able to reply to a message and I get a report telling me sms not sent, also the phone gets that very same warning and makes a sound/alert and therefore I can rule out the laptop and phone not talking to each other, I have never once NOT been able to sent a sms from the phone, this has never let me down (skype sms).
    Due to the messages popping up on the laptop I am happy to put up with some minor issues providing things don't get any worse, if your not happy you can still use your regular sms/messaging app as normal but you will not be able to get the messages popping up on the laptop, MS have said they are "bringing the function back to Cortana at some later date" You can still send a message within Cortana but as they wont pop up on the laptop this seems a bit of a waste as no conversation threads will be present on your computers screen.
    My main concern was data usage as I use a data plan but once again skype does NOT use any data to send and receive the SMS from your data plan, I have data switched off and this service works very well. The texts/SMS come out of your text message package, whether that be contract or pay as you go.
    Any further observations welcome please.
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    My main criticism is the messages not being in order. You text me and I reply but my message somehow is before yours.

    It can be a tad laggy but it's a good first start

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    11-30-2016 01:25 AM
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    I can confirm everything that was written in two posts on top of mine, but I have another concearn/problem:

    SMS popping up function on my computer is very nice but is there any way to enter some sort of "private mode" or something? Because yesterday I was watching a movie with my SP4 attached to a TV and suddenly there it was, a nice pop up on the lower right corner of the TV with, a SMS from my wife with a very private content.

    And what is even worse, same happens if you are running a powerpoint presentation.

    The only way to avoid this, is to use an external screen with extend screen setting in "project settings", ant notifications will pop up on computers screen. But this is not very handy if you are watching a movie, because computers screen will stay on all the time.
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    All settings>System>notifications&actions>scroll down to see skype preview, but to be honest by the time you have done all that you might be quicker just disabling SMS sync (Temporarily) .

    Good point about the messages popping up in the middle of other things, I am not sure there is middle ground here? where you can have the SMS not pop up unless you Disable SMS SYNC, that being said there are deep settings within Windows (on the laptop side) and notifications and how they are presented (or not as the case may be) I will have a look for you and see if I can find those settings. The SMS will still be on the phone anyway. within skype preview there is an option to turn instant messages OFF, this may be the way to stop the messages until you switch it ON again, or just disable it until you are finished. Also changing these settings could and probably would stop normal skype contact notifications coming through too but they are just normally the default skype sound and not a pop up message.
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    Skype glitch?? Recently skype sms has been adding +1 in front if the mobile number, this causes the sms to fail, if you remove the +1 and insert 0 then the sms works...or the geographical dialing code, +44 for UK and it works, very annoying and making me consider using normal messaging app, don't need hassle with sms. Strange behaviour, anyone else notice this??
    12-01-2016 12:23 PM

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