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    Hi There! I just got the latest Cumulative W10 updates. I occasionally restart my PC; which is a good idea if you seldom shut down, which is the way I run my PC. This morning I was greeted with update and restart;so that's what I chose. Here's what you can expect if you use your PC like I do. You get the blue screen with those 6 spinning dots and the message to not turn off your computer. It will set there for a good while and finally start showing %. Have patience and after awhile your PC will get to 30%. It will then restart a couple of times and finally finish the updates. Why it takes so dang long, I don't know. It make take 20 or 30 minutes. I suppose it depends on your computer. When windows finally loads, you should have the latest Cumulative updates and build # 14393.479. Don't know if this is Patch Tuesday or just a update, but sense I have a new build #, I'm guessing it's Patch Tuesday early. Hope yours goes as smoothly as mine did. I'll be hanging around here all day, trying to stay out of trouble and maybe answer a few threads with problems! Here's some screen shots of the update!
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    12-10-2016 08:49 AM