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    I've run out of space on my PC's C drive, so I want to move all of my pictures into my OneDrive. So that they don't take up space on my PC, I want these to be stored "online only". However, the upload is taking forever - after 24 hours, less than 200 pictures (of thousands) have been uploaded. Also, the OneDrive app keeps crashing and closing. Does anyone have advice for how to make these uploads more feasible? Also, I am saving the photos to an "online only" folder - why can't I see this folder in the Explorer tree?
    12-17-2016 11:12 AM
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    OneDrive on Mac is reliable but slow.

    But consider buying a NAS. Synology or WD have not expensive NAS drives. WD mycloud let's you access your data from everywhere, not only the home network. You get terabytes for little money and still control your data.
    12-17-2016 12:46 PM
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    Why are you using the app? There are ways to make your life easier!

    I assume you're on Windows 10 since you posted this in the Windows 10 forum. Since OneDrive is baked into the system, you can dump everything into the OneDrive folder and your items will automatically upload.

    To access your OneDrive folder, open up any folder.


    From the left hand side, you should see OneDrive listed. Click on it to open the folder.

    Now, cut and paste your photos from their current location into OneDrive. (I recommend creating a "Photos" folder inside OneDrive to help with organization)

    Depending on your Internet speeds and number of files, uploading will take a very long time.

    After the files are all done uploading (you'll see a green check mark once the file is uploaded), now you need to unsync that folder.

    You can follow these steps to choose which folders you want to sync.

    How to select which OneDrive folders to sync in Windows 10

    Or you can save yourself a few steps and right click on the OneDrive icon and select "Choose folders to sync."


    Uncheck the folder where all the images are stored.

    The photos will remain synced to OneDrive but will not show up on your computer, nor will they take up any space on your hard drive.

    And you're done!


    Buy an external hard drive.
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    12-17-2016 04:49 PM

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