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    I seem to have hit an Edge browser specific issue with number input fields and knockout textInput binding.

    I have the latest edge version, namely: Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0; Microsoft EdgeHTML 14.14393

    Until the anniversary update, the number input fields did not do anything with up/down arrows on Edge like they do on Chrome/Firefox. However, the latest version seems to have made some changes such that the visible value differs from what knockout has in the bound variable; when up/down arrows are used. Typed values reflect correctly.

    Here is the jsfiddle; try to change the value using up/down arrows:



    <input type="number" min="0" max="100" step="1" data-bind="textInput: amount" />
    <br />
    Current Amount $<span data-bind="text:amount()"></span>


    function PersonViewModel(amount) {
    this.amount = ko.observable(amount);

    ko.applyBindings(new PersonViewModel(51.22));

    The value updates correctly if the number is typed-in instead.

    Any confirmation of the Edge issue or workaround(short of not using the number input type altogether) would be appreciated .
    12-20-2016 02:17 AM

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