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    Used to be a time when I could simply download the windows store installer in a format (which I thought I'd recalled being .XAP).

    BlazBlue has been one of those games that I installed first on each and every Windows 8/8.1 machine I had... and since it's presence on my custom gaming rig/Surface 3 started with Windows 8.1, it carried over to W10 just fine... and it WORKS just fine on W10... but here with my Surface Book, any attempt to fetch it from my download history yields:
    Microsoft initially said it didn't work with Windows 10. I sent them a video of it working on the computer I upgraded from 8.1->10.
    Then they said it was a problem that Arc System needed to resolve.
    Contacted Arc System Works... they say it's a problem with Microsoft.

    I'm quite sick of the runaround. I just wanna continue enjoying my game. Used to be a time where the bottom left of a store item's page (https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?...token=xMbpKbxW) allowed me to simply download the installer for any given app, and there were tons of tutorials on how to sideload it... but now I can't find out how to download the installer.

    Being that it's an officially listed app that I've paid for, I feel this shouldn't be too hard once I get my hands on the installer. Any idea how I can accomplish this? Or maybe a better question is whether or not simply snatching it's resources out of my AppData/Local/Packages on my gaming rig to bring to my Surface Book would do anything?
    01-08-2017 10:14 AM

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