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    Microsoft fix xbox one edge browser

    fix browser freezing ,crashing,slow loading
    fix memory freezing using the xbox browser
    fix cpu inpact edge browser performance
    fix not responding on webpages
    fix bug say some times HTML 5 not supported wtf on webplayer videos
    fix videos web freezing and all resolutions 360p 720p 1080p 4k and crash
    fix some web contents not load or have bad delay loading making web browser unstable and freeze ect
    fix pointer cliking sometimes not work when you click something on the web and sometimes. writing on search not work ect
    fix keybord glishing when sometimes you click to write on the search you cant write on the xbox one keyboard fix that
    fix webpage incompavility
    fix web browser scrips and cookie get glish or not work on pages
    fix movil mode quality suck on xbox one webplayer quality look bad and some webplayer not work on movil mode and you cant select any resolution on movil mode ect
    fix videos webplayer pixelating green or unable to see by the pixelated problem
    fix hardware aceleration videos ,so optimice videos ,improve quality ,colors ect

    improve https security always on any page

    fix favorite limit is 50 put it infinite

    fix popups blocking when entering any page always a infect popups open a secundary page and that very annoying and for user security

    make to have 2 opens webpage on the xbox one browser one to hear music and the other to searh

    fix webrowser on snap mode the browser get slower

    make secure paying online

    fix speed test from xbox get unstable and freeze or crash fix that so the speed test cold be on real time browser is to slow for that ect

    enable to read pdf
    make lenguage page traduction

    just update the full browser complete all feature and engine ect and make it better and secure and super fast

    and fix browser input lag on the xbox one

    and make to resert factory default the browser options
    and infected website report or ect that no is secure to be protected

    just helping make a update for the xbox one and fix the browser completely

    01-16-2017 04:22 PM
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    Just to be clear we're just an enthusiast site unaffiliated with Microsoft.
    And also, all those tasks are easier said than done for the most part.
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    01-17-2017 12:02 AM