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    Hey, guys! I have recently got a laptop, and Windows 10 Education Edition has been installed on it. So I started to play around, and I have noticed that some of the features I would like to use are missing, such as Cortana. It's not here, and I have seen after a short Google search that Microsoft has removed it from this edition of Windows 10.

    Now, I am trying to do another thing: to project my Windows phone to this laptop, which should be possible to do since Windows 10 has "Project to this PC" option since AU. But I just don't see this option in the settings, though I know where it should be. So I am wondering if this version has this option?

    I also seem to be unable to change the color of the taskbar. It's black, and I cannot set it to the theme color as it seems?

    Could anybody confirm me that this is because of Windows version on this laptop? If it is the case, I would upgrade the version to Professional, as I think I would be able to do it for free with a licence from my University.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Now I see I am not able to get Windows 10 Professional licence for free. :( But I would still like to get a confirmation this this feature is missing due to Windows 10 edition. I it would be good to know that, so I would know if I should try to get the Professional licence, or that wouldn't be worth the effort. Thanks in advance!
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