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    I just wanted to post my experience for anyone who may run into a similar situation.

    I have a Panasonic CF-74 I use at work and have been having some troubles with it, I replaced the motherboard 4-5 years ago because an output for the headphone jack was blown. I used it at church for a youth event and I think the sound system "zapped" it, at the time I used it as my daily PC as well so I replaced the board.

    Since then the PC will just freeze, and jas some mouse issues, I have had different OS and HD in it so it must be the MB.

    Anyway, I looked into how I could do a clean re-install W10 as the free W10 deal is over. There is an article posted on this site on how to pair your MS account to your various PC's. I know that PC was listed as a device associated with my MS account.

    After installation it would not activate, I went to activation and used the troubleshooter and the only choice I had was this Dell I am using and it isn't W10 Pro. I got a support chat going and I had to provide my W7 upgrade activation key for the agent to use in a remote log in event.

    The MS website says to associate your PC to you account before a hardware change but I didn't have that option, at least there was the option to associate my old OS to get W10 back, I would have been mad if I had to use W7 because I surely wouldn't have paid to get a key!!

    Just do your homework before the time comes to reload W10 if you got the free upgrade. I have a Panasonic CF-19 that was listed as well but the OS was W7 when I got that one, I have a recovery disk that came with it, but not sure about a key........bought it used.
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    03-20-2017 05:50 AM
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    I had a similar problem a few months back, I think I restored back to Windows 7 and used software to find the product key then upgraded back to W10. I have my product key associated with my Microsoft Account so it's a bit easier now.
    03-21-2017 06:39 AM

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