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    My Lenovo 2in1 started to act strange lately. When on battery (without AC plugged in), it just turned off at rsndom occasions. When I turned it back on, I looked at the Event Log, and it always showed DCOM errors (10016 in like 90% of the time, mixed with a few others). I even tried to send it back for repair to Lenovo, and all they did was reinstalling 1511, without rolling back the bios from the RS1 version to the TH2 one, so it worked like crap. So I resetted Windows, updated to 1607, but the random shutdowns didn't stop. I searched the web for the solution for ages, digged through the registry and dcomconfig, but it didn't help. So I decided to turn DCOM off completely, and no crashes or shutdowns so far. But I'm afraid, that this way, some apps won't work as expected. Or am I just paranoid? Please help me guys :D Thanks in advance ;)
    03-26-2017 08:18 AM

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