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    This posting only applies to those that have an IDT Audio driver installed on their PC or Laptop like I did on my HP Pavilion laptop.

    It seems that earlier versions of this driver were compatible with older versions of Windows 10 but after I upgraded to the Creator's Edition I noticed that if I tried to invoke Control Panel the Control Panel window would open showing the applets however the system would clock and then the window would abruptly close with no warning. After two days of searching I finally figured out that an IDTNC64.CPL file in the System32 folder was the problem and this lead me to the fact that this file is part of the IDT Audio driver software on my HP laptop. It seems that unlike some drivers that get updated as part of a Microsoft release, the IDT audio driver is NOT one of them and Microsoft never tagged it as a compatibility issue either. What I found further disturbing is that even while my notepad was under warranty HP NEVER informed me that newer IDT Audio drivers were available and that HP did in fact have a newer Windows 10 driver available to freely download.

    So, if you do have an IDT Audio driver on your HP PC or Notebook here's a link to the driver upgrade software as I've heard back from another similar posting that applying this new driver has already helped others. The new driver can be found at:

    Drivers & Software - HP Support Center.
    04-14-2017 11:41 AM

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