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    Hi. Okay this is probably a retarded question.

    So, every time I upgrade my lumia 640, whether it is from 8.1 to windows 10, or feature updates like the anniversary edition or creators update I find that my phone has degraded a little after the upgrade/update. Settings will have numbers listed instead of names. The phone is slower etc.

    So what I do is I reset the phone. So then begins a lot of work as basically it is a new phone but on the latest update. So then the phone is great again until the next feature update.

    I'm a little bit wary of cloud stuff - i don't use onedrive at all, and i generally don't sych or make backups or save things to the cloud.

    So I'm tired of constantly resetting phones and all the work that follows and would like to make things easier. What do i need to do to make my life easier as far as saved settings go so when I finished a reset I can then apply this so I'll have less work setting up the phone. I imagine I will still have to reinstall all the apps I use.

    Also, can you block feature updates on win 10 mobile so maybe I can avoid this totally?

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    If you want to backup your phone settings you will have to change your mind about using OneDrive. Of course the main account on your phone has to be an account from Microsoft.
    All you have to do is go to phone settings, update & security, backup. turn on content backup from apps and phone settings. Then 'more options' and backup now.
    When you enter your account after a reset you will have the option to restore the phone from the backup.
    Part of the backup is your apps list, they will start installing also.
    Device backups https://onedrive.live.com
    gear icon, options, device backups - just to see that is there
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    Done - that was easy. Thank you.
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