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    It is no secret that we can restore Windows Media Center back to Windows 10.
    The fact had been posted in all websites, including one from Windows Central since like 2015.

    I used to have WMC restored in my Windows 10 until one of those updates removed it and I failed to re-install. So, I just let it go. I didn't really need it anyway.

    Today I decided to restore WMC again.

    It works, and to my surprise I also have the Windows DVD Player....... free.
    I did not know that before.
    So, now I can play DVDs without using a 3rd party media player such as VLC.


    P.S. It applies to both the RTM and the Insiders versions.

    *** update : just tried playing some retail Musical DVDs ( ABBA Super Troupers ). WMC opened and played. Nice.
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