1. Red River's Avatar
    950XL OS build 10.0.15063.297

    When I was using Weibo app (a Chinese Facebook style app) on my 950XL today, a text windows suddenly popped up with a voice reading the texts.

    It's the 3rd time I have met this situation recently. I freaked out last two times because a voice saying "alert!" from the speaker. This time I've got a screenshot of it.

    I looked it up in google. It seems to be a virus named as "61-1800-431-370 pop-up virus". All the websites mentioned this virus are quite new (about 2 to 3 days ago). They have also mentioned how to clean the virus, but all on PCs and MACs. None of them have mentioned on mobile phones.

    I've never seen any virus on mobile phones. Am I the first one to get this? Can anyone tell me how to clean it please?

    05-26-2017 06:55 AM
  2. AndyCalling's Avatar
    Windows phones can only run store apps, all sandboxed. So, if you do have an app that concerns you, uninstall it. If it is the web site causing the issue, it probably is just an annoying pop up from the site concerned. Not a virus. The speaking aloud thing is either an accessibility feature, turn that off in your phone settings, or the web site itself is playing an audio clip.

    Viruses are very rare. Most people will never see one. Yes, there is plenty of other malware out there but viruses are a very small sub set. On Windows Phones they simply don't exist, because of sandboxing. Doesn't count out other malware, but such is isolated to a single app. No chance of infection spreading or other virus like activity.
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    05-26-2017 08:23 AM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    That's not a virus, that's a random popup attempting to trick you into thinking you have a virus. Do note the poor grammar and that the dialog says the message is from the site. (the server)
    05-26-2017 08:32 PM
  4. Red River's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply. I'm happy to see it's not a virus. But it's still very weird. What popped it up?

    The app is the original app from the Windows Shop. The site I visited was the official site. There are a lot of external links on the site but I didn't click any of them before the text window popped up.

    I don't think the text message is from the official site. The site has 20 million users but no one has reported this before. Furthermore, if the message was from the site, it should be written in Chinese.
    05-27-2017 12:05 AM
  5. Red River's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply. I'm pretty sure the message and voice were not from the site I was visiting.

    The reason I think it's a virus is that the pop up window and the phone number in the message exactly match the description of "61-1800-431-370 pop-up virus", which infects browsers and registration table of PCs.
    05-27-2017 12:12 AM
  6. xandros9's Avatar
    I understand, but it's not something that would infect your phone, they require you to call that number before they convince you to go download some app or send them money. There are no known viruses for Windows Phone too.

    And it says alarmaid.club so whatever that is, possibly from an ad on the page?
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    05-27-2017 09:51 AM
  7. ttsoldier's Avatar
    It's most likely a pop up from somewhere.

    it comes like when you visit torrent sites... i get popups with audio telling me my computer is infected. but do i come on a forum and report it? Nope. Because i know it's just an annoying pop up and i close it of.

    Same situation here. Don't panic
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    05-27-2017 09:22 PM
  8. ven07's Avatar
    Kind of confused. Are you getting the pop-up while visiting the website or just when opening the app? could be that the app is in fact just a web-wrapper. I've only seen pop-ups like yours when visiting websites.

    Like the others said, It's not a virus tho :) more like a gateway to a virus lol. These mostly prompt you to take some kind of action (mostly downloading another app), which could potentially 'hurt' your phone.

    The edge browser has elements of android in it's coding, so when visiting certain websites, these pop-ups will be triggered and you'll be prompted with a link to an app in the store (playstore)
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    05-28-2017 02:02 AM

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