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    I noticed the other day that I could change my phone language to my native speaking languages on my Lumia 950XL. My grandmother has 640 LTE and she does not understand English so I told her that I can change the languages to her native language (at least the language for the operating system). When I open language on the 640 LTE the phone only offers me the possibility to change the Regional format and the Keyboard. But on my 950XL the languages settings offer me to change Regional format, Keyboard and Phone language.

    Both phones, 950XL and 640 LTE, are running the same OS build (10.0.15063.297).

    They do not have the same Firmware revision number:

    950XL (01078.00053.16236.35018)

    640LTE (02177.00000.15184.36002)

    Hardware revision number.

    950XL (

    640LTE (

    I thought that Phone language was only depending on the OS version? or does it also depend on firmware or hardware version?
    05-29-2017 02:33 AM
  2. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    I can change the language on my 640 LTE. Perhaps it depends on what region your phone is set to?
    05-29-2017 09:12 AM
  3. Diamond67's Avatar
    Firmware revision number:

    640LTE (02177.00000.15184.36002)

    Hardware revision number.

    640LTE (
    I have 640LTE with exactly the same fw and hw revision (as your grandmother).

    And I can add languages from the settings. I already have two languages added.

    After changing language (moving the wanted language to the top of the list) you have to restart the phone to finalize the change of language.
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    05-29-2017 05:38 PM

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