1. Abhilash Jena's Avatar
    Microsoft stated that they will release the creators update for selected and eligible PCs, though I'm fully up-to-date with the latest build and versions I'm still not getting any notifications for it. I have downloaded the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant but I want my PC to officially support it. So my question is which build is required for Windows 10 creator update
    06-05-2017 10:45 PM
  2. Henry Linc's Avatar
    My Acer Aspire E didn't get it too...yet. I think there are minimum specification for the Creators Update.. Gotta search the web
    06-06-2017 01:22 AM
  3. Mr_Ami's Avatar
    i downloaded the iso from the msft website.. that was easier than waiting..
    06-06-2017 04:44 AM
  4. Abhilash Jena's Avatar
    yup I think that too. After updating all the latest patch and builds I still can't figure out what is the minimum requirement for it. Web is of no use. I search many times about this problem. but didn't get any satisfactory result
    06-14-2017 12:05 AM
  5. anon(5415472)'s Avatar
    Some PCs are not yet ready for the creator's update until OEMs release drivers for them. I have several computers and tablets that belong to that category. These have clovertrail processors (Atom Z2760, Z2520, Z2560, Z2580 ). If your computers or tablets are using these you have to wait for driver updates from your OEM. You can FORCE the update but they'll be unusable due to issues with text and icons.
    06-14-2017 01:37 AM

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