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    I'm trying to do a (factory?) reset on my new Lumia 950 XL, and when I run WDRT it searches the servers and then shows me 'package not available for this device'.

    I've made sure that WDRT is allowed through my firewall. Any other things I should look at?

    It's a 950 XL dual sim, RM1116, with firmware 01078.00017.15452.59001, and I'm running WDRT 3.11.34101 on a stable and reliable Win7 Pro machine.

    Edit: So I've found out that the product code 059W1J5 indicates that this phone is a prototype or possibly a developer model, and was not intended to be sold to the public.

    The seller has already started the process for me to return it.

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    You could simply use the standalone reset feature found in Settings > System > About > Reset your phone. Plug up your phone and it will be reset in 5 mins. Although this method reinstalls the present version of windows you have. If you want to go back to a previous version, you will need WDRT.

    If WDRT can not get the package for you, try switching to a higher speed internet connection. I don't have any more troubleshooting methods but there's an alternative way to do the same thing.

    Go to http://www.lumiafirmware.com/
    Search for your device's product code (usually found under the battery and starts with '059') in the search box. Click on any entry under Emergency files and then search for an .ffu file. Download that file and follow the instructions from this site: http://www.lumiafirmware.com/info

    This is a simple method, though harder than using WDRT's user interface. Don't worry, this is completely safe to do. Whatever steps you did are actually the same thing WDRT does, just in a more user interface'd way. This method comes handy if WDRT won't work for you. Make sure you download the correct file made for your phone. The program you use called 'thor2' is present under WDRT's program files, and is the same thing WDRT also uses to do the same thing for you.

    Hope this helps. Comment if you need help. Best of Luck!
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    Bump. Anyone ever seen the YE sticker on the back of a Microsoft phone?
    07-17-2017 08:28 PM
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    The issue with this phone is that the product code (059W5J1) can't be found on any firmware update sites.

    Update: So I used that firmware tutorial to load a package from a north american RM1116, and that has worked.

    The phone seems to be stable, and now has all the features that were missing before.

    Thanks again for the info, and I'll update again once I know how well this firmware is going to work.
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