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    Wondering if anyone else has this issue. When using the messageing app in continuum mode I am unable to send or receive new MMS messages. Old ones display fine.
    If I want to send an MMS when in continuum mode I compose it, attach a picture (turning the txt from SMS to MMS) and hit send. I will quickly get a message saying "Couldn't send" on that MMS message. With a link to "try again" You can hit the link all you want, it won't send.
    Similar issue with receive of MMS. An Incoming MMS will come in, you will see a message and a "download" button in it. If you hit it, it will say downloading then say unable and just re-display the link.
    If you pull the phone out of continuum mode, close the messageing app, re-open it just on the phone, you can send (or resend your failed earlier one) MMS all you want, and receive them all you want and they will show up without issue.
    Is it just me?
    07-18-2017 11:00 AM

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